Botox is used to freeze the muscles which may be causing fine lines on your face, helping to smooth out and lift the area

from £70.00


Fillers are used to plum up lines and wrinkles, and even can be used to plump up the lips

from £100

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Dermica Micro-needling


Microneedling is one of the newest treatments to the salon. It is perfect for a wide range of concerns - fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, stretch marks, pigmentation marks, and open pores amongst other concerns. The Dermica Pen creates a mild trauma to the skin, as this heals it causes the skin to create more collagen and elastin. This increase in elastin and collagen lasts for up to 6 months after treatment, and effects will degrade slowly over a period

or around 2 years. The needles also

create microchannels which allow your

therapist to push collagen and nutrients

into the skin, providing an immediate effect. 


Treatments from £99

Courses available

0-5 minutes

It is £15 for the first 5 minutes, and and extra £10 per 5 mintues there-after

from £15.00

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Advanced Electrolyis


This can be used to treat white heads, red veins, skin tags and removal of hair from moles

Eyebrows - Standard or Micro-bladed

from £250

Eyeliner top or bottom

from £150

Eyeliner top and bottom

from £250

Lip Blush (liner plus lip colour)

from £300

Lip liner

from £250

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A new method of semi-permanent makeup! Its more natural, more realistic and it is still the same price! Have natural looking perfectly shaped brows with minimum effort!


Microblading and semi-permanant makeup are cosmetic tattooing procedures that inject pigment into the upper layers of the skin (a normal tattoo goes much deeper). Microblading is a manual method whereby each individual hair is drawn with an exceptionally fine blade. The pigment is only sitting in the surface of the skin which is what allows for the hairs to appear so fine and natural. 

Treatments are approx £250

This includes a top up after 4 weeks. 

A consultation must be done prior to treatment (free) 

Treatment, includes a lot of checks and measurements, so can last up to 2 hours.

Semi-permanent Makeup

A micro-pigmentation system is used to push semi-permanent mineral pigments into the skin to give the desired effect, whether it is to fill in your brows or just make your lashes appear longer and open your eyes. Treatment will last 2-5 years depending on colour. To keep as new, a top-up may be desirebale after 1.5-2 years

Botox and fillers injections